Simply exquisite massage

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       Perspective clients often ak me to tell them what a session is like and it is hard to describe something that is unique to each person and experienced by them through my touch. I try very hard to create a session tailor made for you. From the small details of two dozen candels lit in exotic holders of brass and stained glass to candles lit for aroma that captures the senses when you walk into my studio. All of this is set up atleast 40 minutes inadvance so the room has a chance to simmer and become potent. The massage bed is heated so your body lays on a warm surface whether it is a cold winter day or a pleasant summer afternoon. All sheets and towels are clean and set aside for you and a shower is there to be utilized before, after or both for your convenience. all sessions are meant to enhance your senses in every which way. Massage is done to either music of my choice or one that you are welcome to bring with you. you will find that I have just as much interpreting yours as I would mine. No matter the length of your session it is done in rythm to music as I adjust my touch to meet the feedback from your body and your responses.The session should be fluid with hands moving at all times heightning the senses all movements blending into each other for a great experience. Although I am happy to make conversation I find that most people prefer to relax and drift off into their own space as I do my thing. It is really hard to enjoy a great massage if you are captured in a conversation.

      A full body massage encompasses your entire body front and back. It starts with you face down as I work your arms, shoulders and back as I discover those knots and spots that have gathered dust and repressed emotions from your daily grind. My fingertips tease, the palms of my hand caress and my arms and elbows glide over, under and imbetween giving new life to tired muscles. Your neck and head enjoy expert attention because some of the most complicated activities of your body place stress just at those points. If you remember being a child with your head nestled in your mothers lap feeling her fingers soothe and reassure then you will know how good that feels and if you cant remember then you will be reminded once again.  

     Buttocks and legs deserve equal attention and are some of my favorite parts. For the runners and athelets and even you couch potatoes you will discover that no two muscles are the same and because of that I have plans for all of them. All of this is done to the sound of music which you find most complimentary. There is an ebb and flow unbroken as we proceed so that you can drift off to a calm place and stay there for the duration.

     The front of your body is as different from your back as are day and night. One bears the physical trauma of daily abuse and the other seems to hold on to emotional burdens. The intent here is to soothe , calm, use gentle strokes and give your more vulnerable side the care it deserves. The fingers that drained the blocked energy from your back will put a spark of energy in the front. When your session ends you will realize that massage is touch with intention and that it is far more than just physical contact. Something is given and something is taken. It is communication between two people even if nothing is said and no words are exchanged. Like fine wine it gets better with time and each visit because your therapist understands your bodies needs and responses.