Simply exquisite massage

All Appointments by phone require a first name and a last name. Unfortunately for those of us who make client appointments by phone the rate of fake phone calls and scams have risen sharply in recent months and I have decided that it is best if all reservations are mandatory with a first and last name. Reservations cannot be made by text or email .Text reservations will only be accepted from previous clients.I appreciate your understanding.

Available Modalities.............

Sports Massage. Swedish Massage, Sensual Massage

HOURS OF AVAILABILITY                                                                                                                         (PHONE) 703-4072196





Please note that long sessions require a good reservoir of energy so please let me Know the day before so I have the ability to arrange my day around your session. I want to be at my best so you can enjoy your session.


MONDAY                                                       9am..........Midnight

TUESDAY                                                      9am..........Midnight

WEDNESDAY                                                9am..........Midnight

THURSDAY                                                   9am..........Midnight

FRIDAY                                                          9am..........Midnight

SATURDAY                                                    9am..........Midnight

SUNDAY                                                        9am..........Midnight


Age limit 30 years of age


Weight limit 250 LBS


All medical situations need to be  addressed while reserving a session.


Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be admitted.


Basic hygiene is required.


Parking is available directly in front of my home.


A shower is available for use before or after your session , fresh linens are provided.


Bottled water is provided.


A professional massage bed is used for your comfort.


Ambience.....Candle Light......Aromatic candles and music provide the setting.


Clients are welcome to bring their own music. I have a wide selection to choose from. Please let me know your preference .


All first time appointments must be made by phone.  All appointments after that can be made by email or text.I do not respond to blocked calls and unnecessary text messages .


I accept phone calls from 9am-10pm. I am available until midnight but all sessions must be reserved no later than 10pm. If you need to contact me later than 10pm please send me an email.


If you prefer a session between 9am and 12noon it needs to be reserved the prior day. All sessions require a 90 minute notice no acceptions will be made.


When making an appointment I am going to assume that you are requesting a 60 minute session. If you would like to reserve a longer session I need to know when you make the reservation.........changing the length when you are in the studio will affect my other appointments for the day.    I will accommodate clients when possible but I prefer knowintgnahead of time. 


When reserving a session please keep in mind your height and weight. A 60 minute session is long enough to perform a full body massage on a person of average height and weight. The longer the massage time the slower and more sensual the feel and tactile senses.


If you are reserving a session several days ahead of time please confirm your appointment the morning of the day its reserved for no later than 10am.


If you are going to send me a contact form listed on the navigation bar please check your spelling, your phone number and your email address........when items are missing or spelled incorrectly there is nothing I can do to respond to your inquiry.


The importance of making an appointment is that you have reserved a time slot and that I can arrange my time around my clients. Please do not call me with requests to change or amend from that time that you reserved. please do not show up early or late as it affects my scheduling. It is your responsibility to plan your commute and all of my clients are given the address well in advance. I leave one hour between all my sessions so there is no possibility of an overlap and I allow clients 15 minutes of late arrival. If you are caught in traffic or have a situation that might cause a late arrival please call me and let me know and I will do my best to accommodate you. However failure to let me know and failure top show will only result in my blocking that number from further phone calls.


If you need to cancel or reschedule please do so in advance and not in the last minute. My time is important to me as yours is to you.


When clients arrive everything is ready for their session, you will never have to stand around waiting for me to clean up and set up. I plan my day so your time is well used.


I respond to my phone calls and emails promptly within a few hours or less between the hours of 9am and 10pm.


Before you call me to make a reservation please know your own availability ahead of time. I don not enjoy waiting for hours for someone to decide what their schedule might be. You are making the appointment so please be prepared when you call me.


All photos provided of myself and my studio on this website are real. I want clients to be comfortable making their reservations knowing what they are arriving to.