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QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS                                                                                  7034072196

Q: Who is a Massage Therapist?

A: A massage therapist has attended an accredited massage school. Each state has its own rules

    regarding certification and some have none.


Q: What is the difference between an LMT and a CMT?

A: Both are designations given to a certified massage therapist. You cannot be both an LMT and a CMT.

    One does not stand out over the other. In a state where the designation is CMT you may practice

    body work as long as you do not use the words Massage Therapist. In a state where the designation

    is LMT you may not come into contact with another human body and perform body work under any

    circumstances without a license.


 Q: What is involved in getting a massage license?

 A: Depending on the state the requirements can be between 500-750 hours of course work. the

    course work includes a thorough understanding of the human anatomy down to the cellular level.

    It covers anatomy and physiology, massage techniques and the study of pathogens.


 Q: Who governs over the licensing requirements?

 A: The Board of Nursing oversees licensing. A massage therapist is getting a medical license to

     practice. The massage course work is very similar to that of someone studying to be a nurse.


 Q: How do I pick and choose a Massage Therapist?

 A: Good judgement, trusting your intuition and asking questions. Not only is it important to find

     someone who is what they say they are but that you are able to create a bond and feel at ease in

     their presence. Massage is a very personal experience and both parties need to feel comfortable

     with each other. I pick and choose my clients very carefully as they do me.


 Q: Is it ok to communicate with my therapist during the session about any likes or dislikes regarding

     the massage?

 A: Yes, your feedback allows me to understand your body and how it responds to touch. No two

     bodies look alike or feel alike and I cannot assume what feels good to others feels equally good for

     you. The more relaxed and at ease you are with your therapist the better the session will feel.


 Q: My back and neck are in a lot of pain, will your massage help me?

 A: There could be alot of reasons for your aches and pains, some of them minor and others not. If

     you have been in pain for a pro-longed amount of time and in great dis comfort you need to see a

     doctor so he or she can determine what the best course of action may be. Massage therapists are

     not doctors and should never promise you anything sight unseen. Trying to make a buck to profit

     and gain from someones pain and lack of knowledge is dangerous.


 Q: How is a private studio different from a massage parlor or spa?

 A: A private studio is located in a private residence where a parlor or spa are retail locations found

    in malls and office buildings. A parlor or spa uasually offer walkins but private studios are by

    appointment only. A private studio is a more personal experience becuase you know who will be

    providing the massage and getting to know a therapist that you are comfortable and frequent

    enhances the experience, rather than getting a different person each time. I control the hours that

    I work and I never take clients when I am tired or not feeling well, those who work for others rarely

    have that choice.  Performing a massage is equally mental as it is physical and it requires for the

    therapist to be in a balanced and relaxed frame of mind. Loving what you do rather than being

    pressured to make money to survive makes all the difference. Private studios are private and you

    not in a stall in a noisy parlor. The ability to set the mood and control the experience is important.

    There is no rush. The sessions are set atleast an hour apart so you have plenty of time to get

    every minute of the session that you have reserved.


 Q: Should I have a conversation with my therapist during the session or can I be quiet and enjoy the

     body work ?

 A: You should do whatever feels normal and natural to you. My goal is for my clients to leave retaining

     the memory of a great session rather than remembering just the converstation. I find that I enjoy

     the quiet conversation with your body. Massage is a form of done with your

     hands and energy. Nothing wrong with a great conversation but I want the session to be memorable

     too. For many of my clients who have now become my friends after all these years the sharing of

     thoughts and ideas is very much a part of the process. Massage becomes a cleansing of the body

     and the soul. Whatever happens should come naturally and not feel forced. Just because I am quiet

     during the session does not mean that I dont like you.......I am simply emersed in the massage.

     Some people need the reassurance of constant speech.


 Q: Why do so many massage therapists reffer to their FEE as a DONATION?

 A: Frankly I ask the same question sometimes. I am tired of seeing it reffered to as roses or

     chocolates or kisses. I know that I work for money and that I pay my taxes to the IRS and conduct

     myself in a manner so there are no questions about my services and actions. That terminology is

     unfortunately a derrivative of the prostitution industry and makes me uncomfortable when I see it

     in print or when perspective clients use those terms regarding my fees. I believe that the word

     payment is more appropriate and that in a legal business payment is accepted when the service is

     rendered. When your massage therapist referes to her payment as roses and requires for you to

     place it in an envelope and place it within eyesight and never speak about it I would get nervous. 


 Q: What is Nuru Massage?

 A: Nuru is a very slick gel, it is used more for fun between couples than for massage purposes . Nuru

 is too slick to allow for any grip for massage purposes. Nuru Massage is an Urban Myth of sorts. In

 the past year or so it gained popularity and it has since begun to vanish from the massage scene.

 Nuru Massage is an invention of the prostitution scene. Rolling around naked on a shower

 curtain or inner tube is not massage. I am sure many motel and hotel rooms have been damaged

 by the splatter of the gel on their walls and furniture. Nuru is not asian massage and where you find

 Nuru you will find prostitution.


 Q: Can a Massage Therapist offer prostate massage?

 A: As far as the Board of Nursing is concerened NO massage therapist is allowed to perform prostate

      massage. Prostate massage is only to be done by a medical practitioner and anyone offering this

      service without a medical license is subject to the law and jail time.

      ****The human body is a harbinger of bacteria some good and some bad all of which have their

           place when handled correctly but in the wrong hands could be deadly. Do you know where

           those hands went before they touched you? Need I say more.

       ****Did you know that according to the Centers For Disease Control that forums that entertain

            adult activity have spread more social diseases in America and the world? Why are so many

            adults blind to the truth?


 Q: How can I tell by looking at all these ads what is being offered and whats real?

 A: The internet is both your friend and enemy :) but mostly your friend.A few clicks on the key board

     and you can trace the origins of most things online. Here are some tips.


    Always trust your immediate reaction.

   * If it takes lots of nudity to sell a massage then it probably involves something more

   * Understand that if they are involved in illegal activity they are on the radar of law enforcement.

   * If they are operating out of a Hotel or Motel then there are serious issues.

   * If they are unwilling to give you an address then they are worried that you may be law enforcement.

   * Google phone numbers and business names to see if negative info comes to light.

   * The words Under New Management means that they have been busted by law enforcement.

   * Remember that we live in the world of technology and that $5.00 and a camera phone can become

    a posting online.

   * If someone is taking a picture of themselves in the bathroom mirror by sitting on the bathroom

    countertop it might be a poor choice.

   * Massage therapists dont visit from out of town and dont do outcalls

   * Real things are simple to digest and understand and real people are to the point.


 Q: If I see something advertised it must be real and legal?

 A: That would be nice wouldnt it? We live in the digital age when everything and anything is possible.

     The burden of the truth now lies on the consumer. I can look at things and roll my eyes but what

     seems clear to me is not always clear to another. Advertisers only care about the money. They are

     rarely worried about the services being touted on their pages. Money talks loudly especially in a

     difficult economy.