Simply exquisite massage

ABOUT ME                                               (PHONE) 703-4072196

I guess you would like to know something about your provider. I am a thirty year resident of Northern Virginia. I am a graduate of George Mason University in Fairfax Virginia. I have worked in the design and residential remodeling business for over two decades and made a career change over two years ago to work independently and run my own massage business. I have now completed three years as a full-time independent massage therapist and look forward to many more.

               I am well traveled and well educated. Speak several languages and believe in the art of living well. We are a sum of all of our emotional and spiritual experiences. My clients come from all walks of life seeking to reduce stress, help aide in recovery, or simply enjoy a relaxing couple of hours in a positive exchange of energy.

             For the past five years have been the most requested massage therapist on the east coast. If you want an amazing masseuse who is always consistent in her services and attentive to your needs and provides sessions that are real, use real techniques blended with great personal creativity for great body work and an uplifting experience then that is me. I don't charge ridiculous prices. I don't chant and preform religious services during sessions. I don't belong to a goddess group and I don't make false promises to help you reach new heights in your soul experience. I leave that to the others :)

            I am a graduate of the Piedmont School of Massage in Prince William County Virginia. I have invested a year of my time to complete massage courses for certification in the state of Virginia. Although the majority of my clients seek massage as a therapeutic recourse and as a source of relaxation I feel confident that I am able to offer assistance to those suffering from sports injuries or other stress and injury related issues that would benefit from massage therapy. Massage school alone does not make a great therapist and talented hands on their own cannot help those in chronic pain.


            You are welcome to call me with any questions at any time from 12noon-12am at your convenience. All calls will be returned promptly within the hour unless I am in a session.